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miles from here in rockville, maryland and we also understand that you could feel the earthquake also in parts of maryland virginia west virginia and pennsylvania. now, in 1990 we had a 2.6 earthquake here. that was the previous record. now, we understand this morning there is no damage reported yet, but we hear people saying things like they heard an explosion, they thought it was a plane or a truck, and we each hadven had one of our own photographers call in and say that he was shaken out of bed all his neighbors were flooding to the street this morning. nobody had any idea what happened before the news reports started coming out. so erica, this is a pretty big deal for these parts. again, the biggest one ever recorded within 30 miles of washington, d.c. >> and a lot of people keep talking about that today. tara mergener in washington thanks. harry? >>> okay erica, now to the latest in the disaster in the gulf, where there is reason for hope this morning that oil has finally stopped gushing from that blown-out well. but the next 36 hours of testing the new conta
caused the death of one man in prince georges county, maryland, today. paramedics found the young man unconscious on a bike path. cause of death officially not established but they believe it was heat related. >> glor: tony guida in central park tonight, tony, thank you. the chicago area is dealing with extreme heat and severe flooding. more than seven inches of rain fell in some parts yesterday and overnight leaving residential neighborhoods underwater. heavy rain in eastern iowa has caused a dam to burst today. a swollen lake cut a hole 30 feet wide in the dam. hundreds of homes have been evacuated. overseas tonight, two u.s. service members are missing in afghanistan and may have been captured by the taliban. our terry mccarthy is embedded with u.s. troops in helmand province, he joins us tonight. terry, this story, highly unusual. what do we know right now? >> reporter: jeff, this is a very bizarre story. apparently the two u.s. service members were c.v.s returning from a training mission about five miles south of kabul and appeared to be kidnap bide the taliban somewhere on thei
in maryland, she said this is a mess out here. it is just even worse than we could have imagined. it was. a wild frontier sort of area and they were used to a more sedate life back in the east. these are young women, mother baptist russell was 24 years old when she came out to establish mercy work here in san francisco. they did a tremendous work. >> follow up on sisters and other people in history in just a moment. mosaic, we will take a break and be back in a moment >>> welcome back to mosaic. we are talking this morning with dr. jeff burns historian and archivist for arch die cease of san francisco and a deacon in the church, doctor, deacon, jeff, welcome back to the program. we were talking before about the people who played sterling roles in the development of the catholic church in san francisco and really by that i mean the archdiocese of san francisco for so many years encompassed of north earn california. the reardon who succeeded archbishop allemany what was his role. >>> he built st. patricks seminary which opened 1898. he tried to open a seminary because he wanted a native cl
high winds roared through maryland. another woman in the van was injured. all along the eastern seaboard temperatures in the high 90s gave way to a fast moving storm that caused heavy damage. in new york this storm brought down dozens of trees, one crashing this car. no injuries, but some residents thought it was more than just a rainstorm. >> it sounded like a little tornado was happening over here, because within seconds this big tree fell down and this one just missed the house by a couple inches. so it got bad. >> reporter: the nation's capital was hardest hit. >> we have a wire down over there. we have the street over there blocked by a tree that came down on a house and firefighters are over there right now. >> reporter: this morning hundreds of thousands in the area are without power. 262,000 in montgomery county, maryland, 43,000 without power in baltimore, 38,000 in northern virginia. and the cleanup has just begun. officials in the area say the damage is so severe and so widespread that as of now they have no timetable as to when most places will be back online. in asp
. it was 3.6 centered between germantown and gaithersburg, maryland. none of those gates cause in his significant problems. >>> it's 5:08. a blow to one silicon valley community. we'll tell you why a tech giant is closing up shop there. >>> apple gets ready to discuss problems with its new iphone. we'll tell you how they could have been prevented months ago. >>> and new choices for teenaged girls at one popular clothing store. why some parents are appalled. ,, with high-speed internet from at&t, you can connect to the internet at blazing fast speeds. wow, look at that! so you can go online and check out the news, or you can just catch up with old friends -- hey buddy. you can download videos and -- wow, that was fast... you can do it all from the comfort of home. so, as you can see, it's a -- whoah. you know what? i'm gonna just go grab a sandwich. [ male announcer ] introducing our fastest internet with speeds up to 24 megabits per second. call, visit or click today. now for only $24.95 or less per month for 12 months [ john ] i love these new cell phones. [ wife ] he just got a new
near germantown, maryland, and felt as far away as pennsylvania and west virginia. but at the white house president obama said he did not. and there was no waiting for aftershocks. the first family took off for a weekend getaway in maine's acadia national park where they took a hike today. the president still wearing his dress shoes. then some ice cream, not vanilla or strawberry but coconut. from ice cream to snow leopards, a pair of cubs went on display at the cape may county zoo in new jersey. the endangered cats were born in may but had been in seclusion until this week. and now the zoo is holding a contest to name them. but only human cubs 12 and under can enter. up in space, a powerful new telescope has made some amazing discoveries. known as the wise telescope, it started orbiting the earth in december, scanning the skies and sending back images of 25,000 asteroids that had never been seen before. but don't worry, the closest are still millions of miles away. the telescope has also spotted 15 new comets and a galaxy ten billion light years away. now from light years to a ques
just after 5:00 a.m. in the morning centered near rockville, maryland. quakes are so unusual some people thought it was a truck passing by or a low flying plane. there were no reports of injuries or damage. the president said he didn't feel it. >> he was on his way to bar harbor to have a coconut ice cream. >> we saw that earlier. >> roberta what is going on? >> 63 in san francisco. we did have 100 degrees in pittsburgh. brentwood as well. look what happened this evening. a marine layer roughly about 1000 feet deep sweeped into the city of san francisco. look right now the transamerica building. that is roughly down to 600 feet. that's how we begin our morning tomorrow you can count on delays at sfo on arriving flights. that's pretty much the criteria right there at 600 feet. so let's go ahead and crunch our models together and come up with your pinpoint forecast. currently, san francisco at 53 degrees. mid-50s and overcast in mill valley. san jose. 68 after a high today of 83. and brentwood has now tumbled 20 degrees after their triple digit reading today. we will kick start your
germantown and gaithersburg, maryland. here at northern california, we had two quakes magnitudes 4.0 the other 3.9, shaking the geysers area of sonoma county yesterday. we are told neither of them caused significant problems. >>> heads up if you have bagged lettuce in your refrigerator. some of that bagged lettuce being recalled because it could make you sick. salinas-based fresh express says hundreds of thousands of bags may be tainted with e. coli. the recall involves fresh express romaine salads. those bags have an expired-use by date july 8 through 12. and there is an s as in sam in the product code. so far, no illnesses have been reported as a result of that lettuce. >>> when we come back, how pure is the olive oil that you are using? the popular oils that have failed the virgin or extra virgin test. >>> dying of thirst you? grab a big bottle of water, right? coming up next why british researchers say you would be better off sipping tea. >>> and we have a lot of sunshine out there today but it will not be a complete slam- dunk. parts of the coastline still looking at clouds. w
of 24-year-old ryan baumann of great mills, maryland, could serve as a lesson to every military family. >> randy was a neat kid. he really wanted to join the army after 9/11 because he saw that there were things that he could do. >> couric: sergeant ryan baumann was as proud of his mission as his mother is of him. a soldier with the 101st airborne, he was stationed in eastern afghanistan protecting villagers from the taliban and providing critical services, like repairing pumps supplying water. >> one of the things that he said was that if anything happens to me, "just let the world know we're making a difference over here." >> couric: but on august 1, 2008, ryan was riding in a humvee when he spotted an i.e.d. >> he saw the i.e.d. he told his driver, "go left," and that placed the i.e.d. directly under him. >> couric: the 24-year-old soldier was killed instantly. the driver, gunner, and medic with him all survived. so in some ways, ryan really was a hero that day. >> yes. >> couric: and sacrificed his own life to save the other people who were with him. >> yes. >> couric: does that so
. >> "congratulations. i'm pleased to offer you admission into the university of maryland." >> reporter: ... to give back to the animals that gave him so much. >> it's empty! >> reporter: seth doane, cbs news, avendale, pennsylvania. >> couric: good luck, josh. and that's the cbs evening news. i'm katie couric. thanks for watching. jeff glor will be here tomorrow, and i'll see you back here on monday. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh often. and you'll be surprised at who' >>> you tonight often see cyclists -- you don't often see cyclists getting tickets but it will happen more often and you will be surprised at who is asking for the crackdown. >>> the additional chaos that the a.c. transit strike means for the next workweek. >>> why neighbors on this street want to pay more in taxes. the news starts now. >>> your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. >>> good evening, i'm dana king. tonight dozens of san jose firefighters are off the job. we are going to have that story in just
oil spill disasters. >>> maryland police believe they have identified a possible serial killer responsible for a string of bizarre mother-daughter murders. cbs whit johnson reports. >> reporter: jason thomas scott they say is a serial killer with the blood of at least five women on his hands. tuesday the former ups worker was indicted in the murders of two of those women. >> we'll be seeking life without parole. >> scott allegedly murdered 42-year-old dolores de witt and her daughter ebony. in march 2009 their bodies was found in a stolen car after it was set on fire. scott is also the prime suspect in three others prince george's county, maryland mothers, including carolyn and her daughter melissa found shot to death in their home. in 2008, they will make butler was alone when she was gunned down before her home was set on fire. criminal profiler pat brown said if connected the pattern of the killing would fit the definition of a serial killer. >> this man was a ups driver. he did know the routes, the neighborhood and was able to case where he was going to attack. in my opinio
in rockville, maryland, felt by people in several states away. utility companies reported no troubles and the quake did not damage any roads, bridges or the subway system. >> did you feel the earthquake, mr. president? >> i didn't. >> it felt like an earth mover or truck was going by the front of the house. >> when you heard it was an earthquake? >> then it was like, okay! [ laughter ] >> scientists say it's the strongest earthquake to hit the d.c. area since the government started keeping records in the 1970s and there may be more in store. smaller aftershocks could hit the region over the next few days. >>> well, he got his nickname because he is a big guy. now the panda has an important message for kids about staying healthy. why he says he is uniquely qualified for the job. >>> even at this hour working a 40-degree temperature span within 40 miles of the bay area. the effect all this fog will have on your weekend forecast as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, name something truly awful. [ bell dings ] microwave pizza! awful! [ buzz! ] [ show announce
in maryland. >> my goodness the taste in that little thing. >> chicken from polly place farm in virginia. >> how long marinated? >> two hours. classic spanish dish, leave it out in the heat for two hours, i don't recommend that. chicken in the pan nice and hot. cast iron skillet is great, it will keep the heat longer, it won't cool down when we put the cold chicken into it and cloves of garlic in there, plenty of bay leaves. get it nice and golden brown on all sides, push it to the edge, the big trick with the dish, here is some that we've prepared a little earlier and you see it's good and golden brown, which is really what you want that nice brown, brown color to get that nice caramelized flavor. >> how long are we looking at? >> seven or eight minutes on each side. >> how hot i do need to get the skillet so it's piping hot? >> hot heat, you can always turn it down. if you start slow you'll get trouble getting the chicken brown. you don't want to boil the chicken. >> if you burn the chicken, let it down a little, just a golden hue. >> once the chicken is cooked i take it out of the pan
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)